MySQL Community Server

MySQL Community Server 8.0

View, edit, manage, and monitor databases

Access databases, monitor and adjust MySQL settings. Keep track of the status of MySQL replication, tweak the application code parameters, work with dynamic queries and database schemas that generate statistics about server execution and query performance.

MySQL is a relational database management system. The program runs as a server providing access to the databases. MySQL 's source code is available under terms of the GPL License, that means you can download it and use for free. If you want support and training by the company, you can contact them. You can have it up to date with tools for upgrading and configuring MySQL. Monitoring and adjusting MySQL settings that will tune, scale and maintain performance. In production, you can setting-up and monitor the status of MySQL replication with a simple and easy to use interface. Application code, database schemas and dynamic queries can be tunned up if you experience performance issues.
As a counterpart, MySQL 5.1 has some known bugs in addition to the present in version 5.0. Critical bugs sometimes do not get fixed for long periods of time. Also it shows poor performance when used for Data Warehousing; this is partly due to inability to take advantage of a cluster of CPU cores for processing a single query. Despite all this, this is the preferred database for web developers.

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  • Multiple storage engines
  • Partial Unicode support
  • Replication with one master per slave


  • Critical bugs sometimes do not get fixed for long periods of time
  • MySQL 5.1 has 20 known bugs
  • Shows poor performance when used for Data Warehousing
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